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IranianAdvisor.com is an online platform where Iranian Advisors (with & without a website) can create a profile and advertise their business to generate more leads.

    • Audience: A lot of people in your city/state – search online
    • Marketing: We advertise online & offline
      • Instagram in 2024 (TBD)
      • Magazines in 2023
      • Music Radio in 2022
    • Traffic: > 10K visitors/mo via 1 website.

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The Why?

We created the largest Farsi Speaking Advisor directory in order to help the Iranian community flourish in North America by providing a platform where customers can connect to Advisors who speak their language, know their culture, better understand their needs, in order to help them make better decisions.

Did you know?

According to Google Keyword Planner, hundreds of people search online & every month for Iranian/Persian/Farsi Speaking Advisors, especially those who are moving from/to different cities/states!

We manage 1 Advisor site:

We Rank #1 on Google:

🏅For many more examples please see: ZSany.com/google/

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Why advertise with us? (13+1) Reasons

  1. Reserve your spot, before it’s taken! (Limit=5): @Iranian
    We have limited the number of listings in each state to 5 Advisors (except CA) in order to give better service to our clients (Advisors) and simplify decision making for our customers (users).
  2. We Rank #1 on Google for premium keywords such as Iranian Advisor, Persian Advisor & many more
    Many people in your city/states making financial decisions are the ones searching online.
  3. You focus on your expertise and what you’re good at (customer service), while we focus on bringing in phone calls (marketing); because Marketing matters!
  4. We partnered with the 2 most popular Persian Instagram pages in North America:
    @Persian (~530K followers) + @PersianMemesOfficial (~210k followers)
  5. People prefer to make their biggest life investment with people they trust – can better speak to, communicate and relate to.
  6. We are the biggest Farsi Speaking Advisor directory although our current focus is US & Canada only.
  7. Our Google PageRank and Domain Authority is very high meaning a backlink from us to your site will also help your sites ranking on Google. (Learn more: What is a link juice?)
  8. We are connected to many popular news agencies who have linked to our site. (i.e. Gooya.com).
    We also advertise offline and on several popular Iranian Magazines in North America (Please see our latest Magazine Ad updates on: Instagram.com/Iranian)
  9. We are well connected to popular celebrities and Instagram influencers helping advertise our brand.
  10. Many other smaller Iranian directories copy/paste from our list, so you will get more exposure.
  11. We have partnered with Jigar.org Dating App on their ads/commercials.
  12.  In 2022, we partnered and advertised with the World’s most popular Persian Music Station (Radio Javan). We can get our clients discounts.
  13. The founder of the site has been recognized as one of the most successful Digital Marketing Gurus in the Startup industry back home and created an online business which employs over 150 people and has a very strong team of developers, content marketing & SEO team. He has worked at one of the world’s most popular tech companies (Microsoft) for several years and is super obsessed about this business, its impact, growth & future.
  14. We have been in the Web business since 2003 and our expertise is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Ranking. We deliver results!

& Finally:

Why Iranian?

  • People prefer to work with people that speak their language & whom they can trust!
  • They prefer an Advisor that speaks their language (Persian/Farsi) and knows their culture! Someone that they can trust & connect with better!
  • Finance is usually one of the people’s most important decisions within their lifetime! Therefore people prefer to work with Advisors with the same culture, background & taste…